Holidays in Madeira Island

Madeira is a Portuguese island and belongs to the archipelago of the same name which. The island is also known as The Pearl of the Atlantic with its green paradise of lush mountains. Madeira offers a number of activites and has much more to be explored.

Special Landscape
The landscape of the island aims to be particularly irregular : steep-sided valleys, lofty peaks and abysses. The southern coast is hot and sunny, in contrary of the north coast which is colder and wetter. Also, the shores are craggy and have sandy beaches hardly exist on the island. However, small fishing ports are settled in creeks nested between two cliffs.


Special Vacations in the Erg Chebbi

Situated in the South-East of Morocco, Merzouga is a small saharian village and about 50 km from which would be the starting point of a stroll in the Sahara desert. Mergouza is known for its high dunes, especially the Erg Chebbi where the dunes can stand up to 150 meters high.

Erg Chebbi dunes


Do Not Miss Plitvice Lakes National Park when in Croatia

Special place extending over 73,350 acres, Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest park in Croatia and the oldest one in Southeast Europe. It is also the most visited site of the country with more than 1,000,000 visitors per year.


Best Beaches in the World

Anse Source d'Argent Beach
There are sorts of holidays but most of the time, beach is always a great part of it. Listed below are, then, five of the most beautiful beaches on earth that deserve to be seen.

It is with good reason that beaches of the Seychelles are the most photographed in the world. They are paradisiacal! Anse Source d’Argent, one of La Digue island's beaches, is particularly stunning with its pale pink sands sparkling against towering granite boulders making a perfect match with the turquoise water.


October Holidays

October is closing in, and so is winter! While the little ones have already returned to school, some adventurers are still planning their holidays. Here are some wonderful places to go at this period of the year.

Mediterranean Islands
October is the perfect time to catch the last of the Mediterranean warm sunshine. In North Cyprus, for instance, autumn gives the best of itself and the climate is perfect for holiday. The island's shores make its visitors feel like in another era, such a special voyage back in time. The enchanting island was given by Julius Caesar to Cleopatra as a token of his love for her. Romantic, isn't it?


Lake Retba, a Pink Wonder of Senegal

Africa has innumerable natural tourist resources and the very special Lake Retba is one of them. Situated in the north of Cap Vert peninsula and less than an hour away from Dakar, the capital city of Senegal, this lake is one the most visited sites in the whole country.

Exceptional Color
What makes the Lake Retba special is the fact that it is pink and salty. That is why it is also called the "Lac Rose". In fact, the high content of salt in the water allows it to house Dunaliella Salina algae. And it is this micro-organism that makes the Retba look like a giant pool of strawberry milkshake. Just prefer dry season to admire this amazing color of the lake for the hues often change during the wet season.


Healthy Travel Abroad

Many people dream about spending vacations overseas. Whatever beautiful the place can be, it would mean nothing if travelers are not in the greatest shape. The excitement, stress and other factors about the travel itself can cause sickness. But if they take some precautions, there is a big chance their trip will be the most enjoyable.

Prevention of Diseases and Jet Lag
First of all, at least a month before the trip and when the destination is defined, the traveler should consult a medical travel specialist to get consultation and vaccines specific to the destination's requirements. Then, they also should think about bringing first aid and medical kit. After that, jet lag often causes some health problems such as insomnia. Crossing time zones has impact on the internal body clock. To solve that, travelers from west to east can try to keep themselves out of the sun until the next sunrise after their arrival while travelers from east to west can only take a walk or a short jog upon their arrival. They have to drink plenty of water to avoid upset stomach and dehydratation.